Girl on Bike (Alleppey)

Under the fecund canopy
ethereally glowing green
fingers of palm elegant arches
an outstretched unfulfilled caress
the salt tinge catches banner escaping wisps
flung back shining jet black on the breeze
flutters coy hem of her long purple skirt
whispers shy secrets to the corner of her smile
while squeaking chain sings sparkle to her eyes.
A purple skirt explosion
interrupting languid green procession
ululating along in blurred reflection
her purple bike streaks comet-like
along the mossy stone canal.
The gold-earringed orange-saried chubby-cheek-grinned imp
weaving side-saddle enchantments from the frame
hides delight behind her happy ball of fist
a careless grip on the reign of black mane.


One response to “Girl on Bike (Alleppey)

  1. Lovely visions of Alleppy. Presume you went out on a houseboat. Looking forward to your blog on Kundapur and the children.

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